A Calming Place

A calming place a friend and I used to goto to think or just hang out. For prints without watermarks please contact me. Model- Dustin Adams

Unexpected Beauty

Beauty can be found in the most random places. If you would like to order prints without watermarks please contact me.

Distracting the Mind

Wasn't feeling to hot this morning so I went out to get my mind of things, came back with some nice shots, also I believe the white streak you see in it is a satalite because we went to look for a plane and its not there, but in all 13 shots it moves form one side of the frame to the other in...

Sunset Under the Delaware Memorial

The Delaware Memorial Bridge taken from the water. Prints are available without watermarks. Please contact me if interested

My friend by the River

One of my friends sitting down by the river we live by. One of the places I take most the pictures I have. Model: Josh Smith

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