About Me

Hello new visitors, who don't know me, My name is Zachary Seager I founded my brand name Welcome To My Reality Photography. Originally it was just a hobby, I now want to attempt to make a career out of it, a name for myself and a well known brand. Anyway, I'm an amatuer photographer, or just a natural photographer, I've always had a camera in my hand from about the age 12 and up.
-My Current Goals-
Not Numbered, they can happen in any order

Go to art school for photography and graphic arts. I took Graphic and Computer Arts in highschool so I do have an idea of what I'm doing.
Have one or multiple of my pictures in a local paper or a magaziene.
Win a photography contest.
Sell prints of beautiful landscapes so people can see the world from my perspective.
Some people just dont have time to stop and take everything in.
Design a T-Shirt.
Start doing photo shoots with people in my town.

Thanks for reading this. And again, Welcome to MY reality.


My name is Zachary Seager, I'm 21 years old, and im making this site as a devotion to my hobby, but hopefully will turn into a career.

My viewers

Our viewers can be anyone. Anyone who likes art deserves the equal amount of respect on this website.

History of WTRP

I've been doing photography under the name of Welcome to My Reality Photography for about 9ish years as a hobby or fun, I recently picked up a professional camera and have been getting some amazing shots and learning everything I can without schooling. I've done mainly landscape photography, recently started getting friends to model in some.

Update 9/28/2012 - May have my first customer for a family portrait, We're going to do it out at Fort Mott. That's the difference between me and other people, why put a kid in a studio when the family can take him to the play ground and pose or just act natural and let me do my job.