Love your eye for the emotions

Teresa S. | 02/08/2012

Your photography captures emotion, which allows people to use your photo as an outlet or insight to something they are pondering about. Keep up the great work!

Re: Love your eye for the emotions

Zach | 02/09/2012

Thanks Aunt T. Keep checking up on the site ill be uploading new pictures as i take them.


Ang | 02/07/2012

The pictures turned out amazing. Keep it up. Good luck

Re: =)

Zach | 02/09/2012

Thank you ang. I appreciate the support.


big dizzle | 02/06/2012

keep doing whatcha love

Re: awsome

Zach | 02/06/2012

Thanks Big dan, the support really helps me wanna follow this thru for once.

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